The New Season of the Alternative Insights, in Retrospect –


We did some reflecting and got to appreciate what an exciting and competitive business we are in, every player seeking to capture the eye balls of the consumer. The journey to the summit for us at the Positivity Co. is obviously daunting but we are passionate about our mandate which keeps us going. Our mandate is to Pollinate African Markets Worldwide; through our information products and tools that equip stakeholders in African Markets, to make critical business and economic decisions. This mandate involves having an unusual modus operandi especially for the sub-sectors we are characterised in as a business.

Instead we are going against the typical trends of being the first in delivering insights or some kind of news; we want to deliver a more enduring product based on our Pan-African values which are aligned with our value proposition.  Connecting the dots from a vantage point, we are striving for an information product that encourages self-reflection and interaction, delivering premium value to those market players who seek it, it is categorised as ‘Alternative Media’ now, and is growing in popularity and exponentially at same rates as the emerging social and alternative media technologies.

“If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed.

If you read the newspaper, you’re misinformed.”

– Mark Twain

At Positivity we are informed by a peculiar social science paradox that holds true in reality, simply put we know abundance of information; builds fair markets and lack of it; mediocre ones.  With that in mind our passion is to build African markets that are more informed and guided by a developmental ethos, this will enrich our craft and trade across this diverse region. We believe the quote by Mark Twain holds true to ensuring we conceptualise positive thoughts that spur creativity, innovation and growth principally if we are aware of the balance to ensure that we are insightful, striving for an African Dream we can all achieve.

Our youthful, unique talent pool from Cape to Cairo needs to be harnessed efficiently and effectively to realise the potential of industry and commerce in emerging Africa.  Our unique stories need to be told more frequently, our philosophies of past and current need to celebrated to inform our future; this call is typical to the extent that we lack credible data on our DNA, markets and every little thing that happens. At Positivity we are striving to inculcate a culture of documenting and celebrating Africa by nurturing the markets we hold already, the growth starts there, the values need to be realised; accounted for and celebrated. Quoting the Mo Ibrahim Foundation on their work regarding the Ibrahim Index on African Governance, they highlight the data deficit that exists in Africa and illustrate the need of data and statistical capacity in areas such as a registry system. The power of knowing will allow decision makers to focus on areas needing allocation of resources and guaranteeing their effective use over time, with monitoring and evaluation data. We are Positivity and we are doing our part in filling the #InformationGap in Africa.

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