ShareHub•Africa Programs

  • Township Enterprises Index Africa
  • Entrepreneurship, Business and Digital Skills Training
  • Green Spaces – the Trees and Greening initiative
  • Sustainable Smallholder Agriculture and Renewable Energy initiative


The sole purpose of ShareHub is to execute the Non Profit mandate of Positivity Global Africa mainly focused on Economic and Community development initiatives in Southern and Eastern Africa and Africa at large. The initiatives of ShareHub will be co-managed by Positivity Global Africa in partnership with ShareHub stakeholders. The initiatives of ShareHub to be focused on are the following but not limited to:

  1. Economic empowerment programmes and projects,
  2. Rural Economic development,
  • Smart and Sustainable Agriculture,
  1. Renewable Energy,
  2. Knowledge and Education.

The outputs expected from the mandate and initiatives of the ShareHub broadly stated are employment creation, economic growth contribution and development cooperation.