Huawei – An emerging global juggernaut


Huawei an emerging smartphone maker has taken the market by storm with world-class design and functionality exceeding expectation. The privately owned Chinese smartphone maker by end of Q1 shipments sales US$39 billion (61 million devices) a 32.5% growth average shipment-sales.  Huawei is fast approaching to the hold top tier global market position in device sales competing for either Samsung or Apple’s spot, well something some might find laughable but edging closer.  Huawei is already China’s number 1 smartphone maker, in a nation holding about 20% of the world market, ahead of Xiaomi.

Huawei unquestionably has solidified its presence in Latin America, Middle East and Africa (MEA), in Africa has signed several partnership agreements to develop 2G, 3G and 4G networks over the past 10 years. The Huawei enterprise products are competitively priced and make it easier for the company to leverage on the maintenance segment. In the MEA region smartphone sales have increased exponentially largely because of the competitive features and affordable pricing.

The Huawei, meme’d in many parts of the developing world as ‘Hawaii’, has definitely earned the reputation to be named by its correct, “Hwa_Wei”.

Leveraging more financing from the Chinese government their expansion into the emerging markets has garnered them market share in Europe. To meet its target sales for 2017 of 140 million devices from 105 million devices in2015, Huawei has to increase investment in physical stores and robust placement outlets. To be considered as a significant player Huawei have to break the United States market, out-competing all the local players on every scale possible, in that regard no local US smartphone distributors have made any arrangements with them. Huawei business model, selling mostly networking equipment over times has garnered them marketing placement leverage on networking equipment voucher discounts, giving them the upper hand. Watch out Apple or Samsung, Huawei is coming fast.

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