Executing Innovative Ideas to build a more progressive future


The world today is revolving around an increased strain on capital resources. Availability and allocation of funds that see an idea’s inception and later success is more rationed. A business idea will have to prove itself worthy, that nothing can be found that will make the investor believe the idea will not make it. African start-ups are not immune to this rigorous appraisal when funding is being distributed on world capital markets, if all be said in truth, in spite of the critical need for capital resources, ideas for Africa go through a much rougher, tougher selection process given the increased risks operating in Africa. No need to say than that it’s in a worser investment category of its own given the prevailing circumstances and will need to sustainable enduring leadership in this regard.

A more immediate solution to the current situation though not absolute by it’s on is when innovative ideas for Africa spring out. Innovative ideas will have to pierce and shine through complex issues like acceptable returns, business risks, government policy and eco-social parameters .While anyone from any background, race and location can take part in developing Africa and its people, those from within youth in particular are more obliged to the cause and should be at the fore-front of this spring of innovative ideas. An up-close look reviews how money trail meanders and landscapes it avoids, pitching an idea will need to be more educated e.g. how your business will attain efficiency to competitive fitness for survival, your conclusions on tax issues, security of investment, potential draw-backs and their mitigation will all need to be properly laid out to win and keep investment in brilliant business ideas.

Too few a crop of current indigenous entrepreneurs and businesses operating in Africa have managed to come up with, safeguard and properly execute these precious innovative ideas. The impact on cultures, communities and economies that these few innovative ideas have heard is so great that an outcry for more intensified effort in bringing out more is well justified. It doesn’t have to start up the most bold, large investment, any innovation no matter the size can turn out to be a long lasting and rewarding sustainable project that transforms lives and shape the future progressively.

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