Our Vision

Positivity Global (Africa) – A Business Insights Company that aggregates data, formulates insights and fosters enterprise and development solutions with a focus on the emerging enterprises market. We provide critical insights that inform decisions for leaders small and big, in different facets of society and the community stakeholder at large. Our specialised business and economic insights will use proprietary technology and media to deliver tailored information products.

Pollinating African Markets Worldwide

Strategic Activities:

Aggregate Data       –   Formulate Insights        – Development Solutions

The Team

ON  |  Onke Nozibele  – Co-Founder and Executive Director

JM  |  James Musakanya – Founder Entrepreneur and CEO

TC   |  Terrence Chigwada – Co-Founder and Visual / Graphics Executive

MK   |  Moosa Kasimonje  – Business Development Executive and Legal Counsel

EM    |  Everton Muberekwa –  Executive Member and Econometrician


Members and Partners

Share Hub Africa’s purpose is to execute the non-profit mandate of Positivity Global Africa mainly focused on Economic and Community Development initiatives in South Africa and Africa at large.

Initiatives include but are not limited to:

  • Economic empowerment programmes and projects,
  • Rural Economic Development,
  • Smart and sustainable agriculture,
  • Renewable Energy,
  • Knowledge and Education


DesignedbyTerrence is a small, efficient and effective agency that provides high-calibre competitive graphic design and website development.

Synergy Africa

Synergy Africa is an organisation aimed at improving the African Economies by Africans themselves.

PerpetualAr+ Media

PerpetualAr+ Media emerging visual creations & photographic design